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Welcome to Monochem Graphics Pvt Ltd

Committed to serving our customers by providing reliable technical support and the finest quality products, on time


Monochem Graphics group of companies started as a modest business house in the year 1962. Over the years, the business has expanded manifold. Monochem is the name that is associated with top of the line corporations and brands. An enviable reputation to the clients for their brands exclusivity, they look for in their insignias, decals, graphics, advertising material etc.

Four manufacturing units - three in Delhi, one in Gurgaon, occupying covered area of 2,50,000 sq. ft. , manufacturing products with the latest state-of-the-art imported plants to the best quality specifications meeting national and international standards. We have latest world-class facility installed at a cost of 100 Crores

In addition to the above we are also exporting these products in whole Europe, USA, Arab countries, etc. All our export customers are equally satisfied with the quality and delivery of our products.


Do What you Do,
So Well, that
They Want it Again, and
They Bring their Friends


For us customer satisfaction is of prime importance. Our best investment has been the time, effort and resources put into understanding the customer perspective and his specifi needs. We believe that strong and effective customer relations is the direct route to long term success


We strongly believe that ethical principles are universal standards of right and wrong prescribing the kind of behavior an ethical company or person should and should not engage in. These principles provide a guide to making decisions but they also establish trust, reputation, and work culture. This culture is evident throughout our organisation as defined by our Ethical executives

Our Benchmarks are:
1. HONESTY. Be honest in all communications and actions. Ethical executives are, above all, worthy of trust and honesty is the cornerstone of trust.
2. INTEGRITY. Maintain personal integrity. Ethical executives are principled, honorable, upright and scrupulous.
3. PROMISE-KEEPING. Keep promises and fulfill commitments.
4. LOYALTY. Be loyal within the framework of other ethical principles. Ethical executives justify trust by being loyal to their organization and the people they work with.
5. FAIRNESS. Strive to be fair and just in all dealings. Ethical executives are fundamentally committed to fairness.
6. CARING. Demonstrate compassion and a genuine concern for the well-being of others. Ethical executives seek to accomplish their business objectives in a manner that causes the least harm and the greatest positive good.
7. RESPECT FOR OTHERS. Treat everyone with respect. Ethical executives adhere to the Golden Rule, striving to treat others the way they would like to be treated.
8. LAW ABIDING. Obey the law. Ethical executives abide by laws, rules and regulations relating to their business activities.
9. COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE. Pursue excellence all the time in all things. Ethical executives pursue excellence in performing their duties, are well-informed and prepared, and constantly endeavor to increase their proficiency in all areas of responsibility.
10. REPUTATION AND MORALE. Build and protect and build the company’s good reputation and the morale of it’s employees.
11. ACCOUNTABILITY. Be accountable. Ethical executives acknowledge and accept personal accountability for the ethical quality of their decisions and omissions to themselves, their colleagues, their companies, and their communities.





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    Design team capable of undertaking design, new product development, customised designing, creative designing, with latest 2D and 3D design facilities

    Attention to detail, design and quality has always been second nature at Monochem.

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    We at Monochem, have state of art manufacturing units which are capable to handle all customers time bound and quality requirements.

    The units are facilitated with all the modernised production equipments, which include latest automatic production lines from Japan and Germany.

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    We have a complete inhouse toolroom where we produce our own tooling to reduce the development time and meet the customers development requirement deadlines.

    To support our toolroom, other than conventional machines, we possess CNC machines from the top manufacturers in the world.

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    As OEM, we meet the stringent quality requiremnts of our customers specifications as per international standards. As such, Quality has become a habit in the entire organisation

    We always encourage new ideas, and install new systems down the line, to further enhance the quality of the products.

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    To meet social responsibility towards the environment, all of our products are ELV and ROHS compliant. We are ISO 14001 Certified.

    We are proud to provide our customers with products that are green in nature and not hazardous to the environment.

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    We have inhouse Lab capable to conduct almost all product relevant tests as per national/international standards of our customers.

    The Lab is supported with all essential equipments like Weatherometer, Thermal shock test chamber, and peel strength testers, etc



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